Most people who view my art, comment that it’s suited best for children’s book illustrations. I paint simple lines, round shapes, and use lots of bright colors. And although on the surface my artwork appears rudimentary, beneath the simplicity I like to convey complex emotions.

To me art needs to reach the core of its viewer. To bring out emotions, thoughts, and values buried deep within.

Through my art I also want to evoke the feeling of hope. I like seeing that hope in children’s eyes when they see something they get excited about. Their minds are open and their eyes sparkle. Their emotions are pure and by using the simplistic style I choose to paint in, my hope is that it will awaken the child within each of us.

And ultimately bring the feeling of happiness to my audiences. Like the feeling I get when I am riding on my bicycle. The wind is blowing in my hair, and as I pedal with my own legs, the landscape moves past me, and I feel free.


A little about me.

My life today is very different from what I imagined it would be when I was growing up. I was born in a country torn by war, German and Russian occupation, and then squeezed to further despair by communism. Luckily, my parents were brave enough to escape that place and help change my future forever. And, the life I have today in many ways is thanks to them and my grandmother who taught me many important lessons. Some that I share here and others that I had to learn on my own skin. To read more about my beginnings, visit my earlier entry here.

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