Coming Soon: ‘Why Love?’

Love is born in our mind and our mind is built on a ‘Why’.

I’m excited to share with you that I created my first book called ‘Why Love?‘ This is the first book of a series of books that I plan on creating about the different forms of relationships where love takes on a different form.

The brief story of ‘Why Love’ illustrates the winding journey of love. The ‘Why’ defines the purpose of our journey. Each journey is unique, because each relationship is anchored on motives and emotions of different individuals. With every relationship we enter, we move onto uncharted territory. By asking questions, gradually we feel our way through each twist, the peaks, and the valleys of the mysterious journey of love.

I hope this book inspires you to not give up on love and to discover your own journey of love as you ponder the questions that inspire you to dive deeper into your own feelings.

Soon you’ll be able to purchase, my book here.


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