Say Hello to My New Book!

What is it about? Love!

Love gives our life a higher purpose. It carries us forward, gives us hope, inspires us to do better, and is a gift each one can give and receive freely.

As humans, we’re often unprepared for love, especially when it arrives unannounced. It is why many of us end up wandering around, searching for love, not equipped to receive or give it. Sometimes love arrives in disguise, sometimes it arrives like a lightening bolt, in some cases it arrives very very slowly, or super fast, and often it sneaks in quietly before one can realize what happened. And just like it arrives, if the environment is not right, it can vanish and leave us changed forever.

Why love, and why so many questions?

Each love is different because it’s shared between unique individuals, with unique experiences and motives. With each new relationship, we learn about love and love teaches us about ourselves. To learn is to ask questions. This is why my book doesn’t provide answers, it offers an opportunity to ask questions, and take time to reflect upon those questions.

As you go through the book and discover more and more complex questions, I hope that it will offer you an opportunity for self-discovery and also a chance to feel.

To watch the video of the book, click on the button below. You can also purchase your own copy of the book.